The Customer-Centric Approach: Small Changes, Big Impact

The Customer-Centric Approach: Small Changes, Big Impact 

Selling, learning to sell, launching, marketing, messaging, funnels, etc., are all important, but they mean nothing if your customer experience is crap.
You must look at your customer experience to build a good and profitable business.
Why? Because you want your customers not just to get results and have a good experience (an above-and-beyond experience, hopefully) while getting those results.

Good customer experience is what keeps people in your world + creates recurrent customers

1. Welcome emails with tips on how to get the most out of the offer

Sending a well-crafted welcome email with tips and guidance can help customers understand the value of your offer from the start and question less about what you are offering.

2. Reminder emails and texts before video calls with easy access to the link to join

Timely reminders with direct access links can improve attendance and engagement for video calls and meetings during the whole timeline of the project.

3. The joy of unexpected gifts + tips

Inject a dose of delight into your customer experience by gifting unexpected bonuses or rewards. This forges a positive emotional connection and fosters loyalty and appreciation. A good example could be that after completing a project, the studio surprises the client with a beautifully packaged physical small identity kit, creating a memorable experience as a sign of appreciation.

4. Personalization matters: knowing your customers by name & recognizing them

Addressing your customers by their names and acknowledging their achievements and milestones. This personal touch demonstrates that you value their individuality and are attuned to their needs.

5. Handling complications and issues with responsibility

Promptly addressing and taking responsibility for any issues, especially technical ones, demonstrates professionalism and care. Letting them know the possibilities or risks of future obstacles in advance can represent your commitment to honesty. Remember, we are all humans, after all.

6. Give some post-training homework

Providing actionable steps or homework after training ensures that customers know how to apply what they’ve learned and decreases the possibility of reaching out for help in the future.

7. Quick response times + helpful responses for customer support

Efficiency and helpfulness are the cornerstones of exceptional customer support. Resolve queries and issues promptly, leaving customers feeling supported and valued. Tip: Having a FAQs document deliverable for you client can save you some time 😉

8. Easy & seamless access to the offer

Simplify the process for customers to access your product or service. Eliminate hurdles and confusion, ensuring a hassle-free experience from the very beginning. A good example could be a user-friendly online portal where they can easily upload design briefs, view project progress, and access design drafts and final files with a few clicks.

9. Thoughtful follow-up emails to check in on progress + remind them what they should be doing

Stay connected with your customers through follow-up emails. Check-in on their progress and remind them of their objectives. This shows your ongoing commitment to their success and helps them stay on track.

10. Affiliate opportunities while sharing your offer

Empower your customers to become brand advocates by offering affiliate opportunities. They can earn money by sharing your offer, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

11. Graceful offboarding email recap + next steps

When the project is done or the customer decides to leave, a well-crafted offboarding email can leave a positive final impression and leave an open door for future engagement.

By following these strategies, you can elevate your customer experience, foster loyalty, and build lasting relationships that benefit both your business and your customers in the long term!


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