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e-commerce developer & designer


Catalinas was born by combining four passions: Spain, Mexico, summer and espadrilles.

The quality of our espadrilles and honest communication are our pillars. After eight years living in Mexico and a pandemic in between, we decided to dream big and got down to work. 

We feel the need of the heart to give back to Mexico, from Spain, how much it has given us these years. In addition, we want to talk to you about wonderful places, so that you can travel with your Catalinas.

Amateurs studio did a simple but yet efective branding with a custom typeface.


José Bessega and Ivo Pallucchini are the brains behind this dupla-multidisciplinary studio. They truly understand what design is and use it as a tool to generate bold and vibrant solutions for brands, projects and people.

In Amateur have developed a simple yet versatile branding with a neutral typeface that works perfectly fine for photography and brand campaigns and also it fits with different supports.


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